Healthy Tasty Affordable Latin Cooking

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Eating healthy, balanced meals doesn't have to be boring! In fact, when we used MyPlate as a guide, we were surprised by the variety of foods available in every plate. MyPlate is an ideal reflection of our product line: quality, diversity, flavor, and nutrition. In this book, we offer many exciting ways to combine the five food groups. We found that simple tweaks to authentic Latin recipes made them extra healthy without sacrificing flavor. We think the meat lovers in your family will agree once they try the South American Steak Supper. This plate features an authentic grilled steak from Argentina paired with whole-grain quinoa salad and Colombian-style cheese arepas.

We also had fun exploring ways to give American dishes a healthy, Latin twist! Try the Healthy Chicken Cutlet recipe, which is “breaded” with ground almonds for a nutritious crunch. Serve with the Wholesome Bean Chili and a light salad for a completely delicious meal. But the menus don’t end there! With recipes from Mexico, Spain, Central America and beyond, this book is chock full of tips and affordable recipes to help you live a healthy life. And don’t miss our “Pantry Page” which highlights the healthy GOYA® products used throughout the book.

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