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ingredients 2kg plums 500ml (2cups) water Huletts White Sugar (see quantity below) Method 1. Wash the plums and cut into chunks without removing the skin or stones. 2. Place fruit in a pot with the water, bring to the boil over medium heat and cook until the plums are soft, while stirring occasionally.

3. Do the pectin test: Take 10ml (2t) plum stock, make sure that it is free of any solids, pour into a small glass containing 20ml (4t) of methylated spirits. Do not stir, swirl the glass around and leave for 1 minute. Pour into a saucer. If one jelly lump forms the pectin content is high and if two lumps appear the pectin contents is low. a. If high: Add 200g (250ml) of Huletts White Sugar to every 250ml (1cup) of plum juice. b. If low: Add 160g (200ml) Huletts White Sugar to every 250ml (1cup) of plum juice. 4. Strain mixture through a sieve lined with muslin cloth into a pot. Add the required amount of sugar and bring to the boil. 5. Strain mixture again through a muslin lined sieve. 6. Boil for a further 20 minutes or until set. (A jelly will form when you place a few drops of syrup on a cold plate). 7. Bottle in warm sterilized jars.