Phil Mountnt Country cook book

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Philmont Trail Recipes 1997 "Cooks are not found wandering in the woods. Nor do Scouts fry an egg on the first try. Guide them, teach them, but don't do everything for them." Ed Bailey, Denver Area Council, Centennial District Philmont gathers people from all over. They bring knowledge and experiences from all over the world. And along the way, a few good recipes. Friends and relatives agree that you may have these secret recipes only on one condition. That you add your own and pass on the total to others.

Eat hearty and happy camping. General Commandments on trail cookery: go light, no fuss, no mess 1. Nutritious What! pop-tarts for supper again? 2. Low in weight Less than a 11 yr. old Scout. 3. Taste Great Scouts sure are great cooks..... 4. Cooks fast with no fuss Hurry up, the batteries are going... 5. Meets BSA's handling standards Packed by a 11 yr. old Scout 6. Compact Smaller than a 11 yr. old Scout 7. Cheap No the Money Tree is not in the Forestry Merit... Review the National BSA policy on fuels and the local regulations on fires and fuels. Some Airlines have a problem with transporting empty liquid fuel stoves and fuel bottles. Liquid and gas fuels are banned from airlines. Call Ahead and plan to pick up fuel and stoves at your destination. The recipes are listed with the title, author (if Known, so you can place blame) and the type of cooking method. Cooking at Altitude with attitude The boiling point of water decreases with increasing elevation due to decreasing air pressure. The boiling point of water decreases 1 degree C for each 1,000 feet of elevation. Cooking times increase with increasing elevation at 6,000 feet to about 125% of the time needed to cook at sea level. Time is dependent on the type of food and the method of cooking.

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