A Tastes Of Troop Vook Book

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Cooks are not found wandering in the woods. Nor do Scouts fry an egg on the first try. Guide them, teach them, but don't do everything for them." Ed Bailey, Denver Area Council, Centennial District Troop 928 has families from all over. They bring knowledge and experiences from all over the world. And along the way, a few good recipes. Friends and relatives agree that you may have these secret recipes only on one condition. That you add your own and pass on the total to others. Eat hearty and happy camping. General Commandments on trail cookery: go light, no fuss, no mess 1. Nutritious What! pop-tarts for supper again? 2. Low in weight Less than a 11 yr. old Scout. 3. Taste Great Scouts sure are great cooks..... 4. Cooks fast with no fuss Hurry up, the batteries are going... 5. Meets BSA's handling standards Packed by a 11 yr. old Scout 6. Compact Smaller than a 11 yr. old Scout 7. Cheap No the Money Tree is not in the Forestry Merit... Highly recommended reading for Parents, Leaders, and grommet Scout cooks and eaters: Camp Cookery for Small Groups, Arthur J. Walrath, ed., 1967, BSA Eating well is not just part of the fun of camping. It is important to eat well to replace the energy used in the hiking and activities that busy Scouts are prone to do. High fluid intake and high caloric intake are needed.

Seasonal changes may demand over 3,000 calories per day. The food pyramid is a guide for meal planning. The Pyramid can change with camping. The high calorie diet of campers use more fats during colder weather. Try to take the bulk of the food from the carbohydrate group. We have tried not to duplicate the many books available on camp cooking (see additional reading list).